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HetaNEXT: Boris Braginsky by BlueStorm-Studio HetaNEXT: Boris Braginsky by BlueStorm-Studio
HNNNGGHHH he's one of my favorite babbus and the most difficult character to develop srsly
nevertheless, I still love him =w=

Q: What are they?
They can be either called Nation Child or NEXT. Hetalia NEXT Generation is an AU of BlueStorm-Studio original Hetalia OCs of nation offsprings! Basically, it's an OCs of children born from Hetalia nations. They could born from 2 nation, or just a nation with non-nation (ordinary human). Either way, they could be called "The Second Generation". NEXT Generation is not related to any historical events.

Q: Do they represent anything?
Well, nothing at the moment. If I have to say, they're "The 2nd". Like Japan the 2nd, America the 2nd, England the 2nd, etc. Their personality is based on their parents and some quirk they have from themselves (because no child can completely inherit all their parents' traits). Once again, THEY ARE NOT RELATED TO ANY HISTORICAL EVENT.

Check out the group for more info!


:bulletwhite:Name: Russia the 2nd
:bulletwhite:Human Name: Boris Ivanovich Braginsky
:bulletwhite:Gender: Male
:bulletwhite:Birthday: 3 February
:bulletwhite:Age: 13

:bulletwhite: Height:
5'4 (167 cm)
:bulletwhite:Hair Color: Platinum Blond
:bulletwhite:Eye Color: Steel Blue

:bulletwhite: Nationality(s):
:bulletwhite:Current Residence: Sergiyevka Pomestye, St. Petersburg
:bulletwhite:Language(s): English, Russian, etc.

Boris is pretty unenthusiastic about life, making him rather lazy. Despite his overwhelming cynicism, he finds pleasure in mocking life in general; for he thinks the world around him is just one big joke. The happy-go-lucky and childish attitude he puts up is purely for being ironic. He finds amusement in chaos and is quite revolted with sappy idealism.
Only a handful of individuals, his father included, have earned his respect; while he looks down on others and catalogues them as idiots; thus refuse to mingle with people in general. He enjoys teasing them, especially if they are passionate about what they do.
As a naturally born genius regarding science, he’s extremely calculative and cold, which makes abstract ideas hard for him to understand; however, he pays no mind of this and uses his intellect and talent to the fullest. However, he was born a sickly child, and his physical state has become quite an issue, which makes him rarely go outside.
Because of his weak physical state, his father always spoiled and protected him. Due to his immense affection towards Boris, Boris greatly adores him than any other people in the world.

Being the youngest of the group, Boris is rather short and somewhat bony. He has short tousled, messy platinum blond hair and steel blue eyes. He has a very pale skin (for he's rarely go outside) and some of the right side of his body-- namely right eye, face down to the neck, and right arm-- suffered from burn scars. He wears glasses and beige scarf that loosely wrapped around his shoulder. He also wears a very baggy white shirt and black pants, along with grey shoes. His choice of clothing usually are very baggy, warm, and comfortable to wear.

Boris thinks his cousin is incredibly interesting and Boris likes him very much. He loves to tease him about his "other side" without fear, even if he will get punched up in the end. Despite everything, Roger still took care of him.

David is one of the rare occasions where Boris actually respect someone. Because of David's indifferent personality and liberal mind, he couldn't be faltered with Boris' bizarre ideas, even sometimes agreeing.

Gerhard is more like of Boris' personal babysitter; he would escort, run errands, etc. for Boris. He doesn't seems to mind and rather he feels it is his responsibility to help his sickly cousin.

:bulletwhite:Big sister (self-claimed)::bulletwhite:
Boris always wanted a big sister, so he tricked asked Laura to be one for him. He really wants Laura to be married with Gerhard so she would be his real step-sister.

Just like Roger, Boris find amusement in teasing this uptight Hall Monitor; even if he would get hurt from it.

:bulletwhite:Insignificant unintelligent species::bulletwhite:
Probably one of people he's despised the most because of how troublesome he thinks she is. He would try to avoid her if he could, but Silvia always followed him; even if he drives her away with his stun guns. In one way, he thinks she's kinds of amusing.

Despite being engaged, he doesn't really know her all that much. They both respect each other personal spaces, so they almost never talks to each other.

:bulletwhite:Distant cousin::bulletwhite:
They're somewhat related, but they never talked with each other and he doesn't care.

:bulletwhite: Boris lives by the philosophy of "Only after we've lost everything, we're free to do anything."
:bulletwhite: Boris' burn scars is from an chemical explosion accident when he was 10. He suffered severe damages on his body to the point he's almost dying. Luckily with the help of world's best surgeons, he was managed to recover.
:bulletwhite: Boris' right eye is heavily damaged, but not blind. He could see with it although it's incredibly blurry.
:bulletwhite: Boris addresses himself as a third person.
:bulletwhite: He has a difficulty of hearing with his right ear.
:bulletwhite: His right hand is the one that suffered the most from the explosion. Although he always covered it with long-sleeved clothing so most people don't know how nasty-looking his arm's scars are. He became a lefty since.
:bulletwhite: He carries high-powered stun guns for self-defense.
:bulletwhite: Boris stores various of his things on the pocket inside his shirt; it has insane storage capacity and how it's possible remains a mystery.
:bulletwhite: Boris likes bad science fiction movies, especially if it had bad CGI or sloppy plotline.
:bulletwhite: Due to his sickly and weak body, Boris always went for medical checkups on the hospital every 3 months.
:bulletwhite: Boris really loves chocolate because it makes him happy. He loves especially dark chocolate.
:bulletwhite: Boris skipped grade twice. That's why he's a Sophomore in W Academy.
:bulletwhite: On any other day, he wore the same clothing 24/7; he always wore it even when he's sleeping, going out, etc. He would only change if his father asked him to.
:bulletwhite: He rarely bathes; he used a high-tech device in the lab that kill germs and bacteria. He smells like antiseptic.
:bulletwhite: Boris dislikes dirty things like plants and such.
:bulletwhite: Boris has a really weird sleeping time. He's almost like an owl... or perhaps a sloth.
:bulletwhite: Boris' hobby is to play around with ants; he likes to either destroy their nests, burn them, drown them, or just watching them.
:bulletwhite: Because of Boris lack of emotions, he doesn't appear to developed romantic tendencies just like normal teen in puberty. Before any further conditions knows, he is still classified as HSDD.

HetaNEXT (c) meeeee
Hetalia (c) Himaruya Hidekaz
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komet-a Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I've got the same personality type! He is so cute <3
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Hmm...If young Boris doesn't like things like plants, then I'm willing to bet he and my Ivan probably get into a fair number of squabbles and whatnot over sunflowers, huh?
PrincessJoyPalcone Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
Happy b-day :Boris-Braginsky:
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Yay! Boris I am a dummy! !!!!!!! He's my favorite one. Weird fact I discovered today: Our birthdays are 9 days away from each other. (But I'm older than him for about a year.)
Zarushh Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
We have the same personality type :D Very nice character and art... greetings from Russia!
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I was born on the same month Boris is. 

Me: Boris, do you like valentine's day?
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:iconsilvia-jaramillo: Our birthdays are so close by we should celebrate them together!
BlueStorm-Studio Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2013  Student Digital Artist
:iconboris-braginsky: Heehe. Unfortunately, Boris don't celebrate something as meaningless as "birthdays". So scram. 

((I'm testing his new way of speaking now. It sounds so cute XD ))
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he's soooooooooooooo awesome !
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