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The very same hotel where Liechtenstein and all other nation had stayed has its own Gentleman’s Club on the 2nd floor. England had booked the place for the nations to take some breather before rows of meetings start from tomorrow onward. The entire nations are having good times—drinking, joking, talking, all that stuff—except for the host himself.

It was his 5th glass of beer he chugged down already; he’s already drunk since the 3rd glass, but hell, there’s no way he’s going to stop drinking. Not until it can made him forget about what happened today.

England doesn’t have much experience of being loved and loving someone.

What does he expect? Brothers (5 brothers, to be exact) who hated his guts, countless of enemies that wanted him dead, and America that he treated like his own little brother who soon left him alone. Although his relationships with them nowadays are considerably improved, they’re still not exactly what you called pleasant. Most of them prefer not to talk with him if there’s no need.

But then there was Liechtenstein.

A girl who is willing to talk and smiled sincerely to him.

He can’t forget the girl he accidentally knocked down to the floor—she kinda short for him to notice—that instead of being angry (or scared) at him, she smiled and said “Are you alright too, Mr. England?”

He was happy that someone actually cares about him.

Although it was just out of modesty, he’s really happy about it.

Hah. How pitiful. Look at him now, despite keeping his image as a perfect gentleman only in front of her, he’s still a ruthless and drunk hooligan as ever. What a hypocrite! And he’s hoping for someone like Liechtenstein to like him back.

He should know from the start that he had no chance to compete with her brother. He was the one who saves her life from the war after all.

...If only it was him who saves her instead, would things change?

Oh, for crying out loud. What’s the use of thinking something that never happened?

—I wonder since when that I wanted to be loved by Liechtenstein?

“...Sod it.”

As he ordered another glass and gulps it down immediately, one of his drinking friends; Denmark noticed him. He sat down on the chair besides England.

“Hey man, don’t you think you had enough?  You looked pretty hammered already.”

“You kid me? I’m THE BLOODY GREAT BRITAIN! I can hold my liquor better than you any day!”

“Shit, you are drunk. Oh well, if you want to prove that, let’s start the famous drinking game right now! Who’s in!?” he shouted.

On that note, almost 20 male nations answered to his challenge; including England.

The club has other private lounge in it, and it’s already been preserved for the night strictly for female nations only. Not surprising, because the male tends to be unpredictably dangerous when they start drinking, separating them is probably the best solution. Although the men are prohibited to enter the ladies’ lounge, the girls are free to go to the main lounge— if they’re prepared to take the risks, of course.

Most of the ladies are there—though not all. Socialite girls like Hungary, Belgium, and Taiwan are there, also girls that came because they’re asked to; like Belarus, Seychelles, Monaco, Vietnam, and Ukraine.

There is one nation that almost never been in such event.

Liechtenstein is there.

Hungary was fairly surprised when she asked her to let her come together. Well, she’s practically legal to come drinking at the bar, but still... God knows what would happen if her brother finds out.

Liechtenstein was fairly obstinate about attending. She’s begged Hungary to let her go together with the girls. Well, Hungary can understand her feeling of wanting to be a mature woman. After all, who can’t deny the feeling of freedom every young adult yearns for?

That’s not really the reason she was here though.

Alright, she admits that she wanted to try at least once how it is to spend the night like an adult, but she’s fairly scared about the idea. There’s another strong feeling that drives her to take the risk despite her brother’s warning.

England is here.

She really can’t stand the feeling of guilt when he left this afternoon. Does she accidentally say something wrong that hurts his feeling? If so, she has to find out what exactly it is and apologize immediately to him.

Well, maybe asking her friends for their opinion would help? After all, they’re more experienced with men rather than her.

“Uumm...  Eliza? Can I ask you something?” she said to her friend that sitting beside her.

“Hm? Yes, what is it?” Hungary answered, sipping a bit into her martini.

“Umm... “ She’s fidgeting a bit, “Is it wrong, if I said to my male best friend, that he’s reminds me of my brother? Because suddenly, he doesn’t look really happy about it.”

Hungary and—somehow Belgium heard it too—just stared at her with “are-you-serious” expression. Belgium who is sitting across from her changed her seat to right besides Liechtenstein.

“Lili, my dear...” Hungary started, “If a man, willing to spent most of his time with a woman, that can only meant one thing...”

“One thing...?” She tilts her head, confused.

“It meaaaaans....” Belgium scoots closer and whispered in her ear seductively, alcohol really starting to get her. “He. Wants. To. Make. Out. With. You!”

“H-Huh?!” She can’t decide which one that makes her blush, her flirty whisper or her statement.

“Allow me to word it better.” Hungary said while she’s stopping the tipsy woman to tease Liechtenstein.

“You see... This ‘best friend’ you’re talking about is hurt because you said that he’s reminded you of your brother. That’s a proof that he has a ‘special’ feeling for you... And you’re basically just ‘Friendzoned’ him—or maybe ‘Siblingzoned’ him?” Hungary explained.


“Goodness, Lili! You’re so new about this it’s cute!” Said Belgium and bear-hugged her.

“It means you’re indirectly implying to him that you two can’t ever be together. You’re giving him indirect rejection that you must always stay as a friend forever! And that’s what hurts him!”

Her eyes went wide upon her friends’ advice. So that means... England actually has some feelings for her?! That famous England?!

She can’t believe it... She’s just Liechtenstein, a tiny country that can’t do anything on her own without her brother. And the super-power nation, England, had a crush with her?

“T-T-That’s impossible! H-He couldn’t have... any f-feelings towards me... I-I mean—“ She stuttered while blushing furiously.

“Lili, that’s the problem here. You have to accept the fact that he likes you and give him a proper answer. Otherwise, you would just hurting both his feeling and yourself.” Hungary said as she once again keeping Belgium out of Liechtenstein’s personal space.

“You have to think; what is he really to you? Just friend or more than that? If you think he reminds you of Switzerland, he can’t exactly be like him. Think! What makes him different?” Hungary added.

What is England really is to Liechtenstein really?

He’s polite, kind, and charismatic; truly a gentleman. He’s most definitely handsome; you don’t see that straight and sharp complexion every day. Furthermore, the fact that he’s one of the most influenced nations in the world is not something you can’t ignore.

But that’s not it...

England... is the first one that treated her like an adult...

He’s... the first person who never sees her as a child.

“Soooo...? Would you tell us who this ‘best friend’” Belgium’s purr at Liechtenstein snapped her from her daydream.

She’s still not sure if giving them his name is truly a good idea. With this state, Belgium’s tight-lipness might just like a broken safe. She doesn’t want to create a rumour just because of baseless girl’s talk.

“I-I tell you when I confirmed it.”

“You promised, dear.” Hungary winked at her.

“Well then, to celebrate Lili’s first step towards adulthood, let’s drink!” Belgium said and offered her a glass of Sherry wine.

Drinking? Now that’s new for her. She always heard what the side effect of drinking is; it always resulted in crazy things. Her brother always strictly warned her about it. Liechtenstein stared at the glass she reluctantly accepted from Belgium.

But... She doesn’t want to be always treated like a child. Drinking is things an adult does and she wants to be one! As he silently mutters her apology to her brother, she chugged the wine down in one go.

“U-Umm... Lili, you don’t really have to chug it all down for the first time...” Hungary said worriedly as she watched her.

After she emptied the glass, she can feel a warm and nice feeling spreading all over her body. The wine tastes bitter, but also a bit sweet. She licked her lips, savouring the taste.

She thinks... She liked the taste of adult.

He can feel the world is spinning around him as he walked to the nearest sofa and flopped himself there. The cheer of people for the drinking game keeps resound in his ears. He finally given up after he can no longer keep up with the crazy alcoholics that almost chugging a whole barrel down. Denmark, Prussia, and his own brother—Ireland are the top players right now.

England can barely comprehend anything, his mind is so fuzzy like a thick fog; he really just wants to go to sleep and get it over with. At least he already had his fun, he completely forgot about his evening with Liechtenstein. Temporarily.

“Misteeer Engwaaaand....”

An adorable familiar voice is calling out for him. But, it sounds oddly... flirty.

The owner of the voice is standing right at the front of him. Even though he’s too drunk, he would surely recognize the source of his problem. The cute and petite woman with the smile of gold. But her smile right now is incredibly sexy.

All of a sudden, she sat on his lap and nestled herself in such a seductive way. Her fingers feel like a mix of velvet and feather as she softly caressed his cheeks. Both of their lips are just an inch away when he found out that she stared directly at his eyes.  England can feel her warm breath that smells like wine, while she can feel his that smells like ale.

“I’ve been looking for youuuu.....” She purred with a sultry voice.

...Looks like no matter how much beer he takes, he can’t still take his mind away from her. For now a succubus has taken her form and wants to torture him longer.

Well, she can be his guest. After all, if Liechtenstein can’t love him, at least her illusion will.

Because this temptress on his lap is most definitely not Liechtenstein.
Yeah, I'm not really sure with this chapter.... I think there's a ton of awkward grammars here, but I dunno :p
Either way, I hope you enjoyed this chapter as well

Prologue (Warning M rated!): [link]
Part 1: [link]
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